Join Our Partner Program!

The Bookkeeper’s Friend Partner Program is Unique! Our Partner Program is designed to help you grow your Firm of the Future and add valuable new offerings to your practice: 

  • Practice building workshops

  • Build the perfect suite of apps for your firm and your clients

  • Provide software & upgrades directly to your clients from your free partner portal

The program levels below will provide you guided success in your new cloud practice.  We've developed three partner options.


Level 1

No Charge

Reseller Portal
Free portal to place your orders with your own personal code to log in. Get QB products at our cost!  Pass this savings on to your clients or bundle your services into a package


Level 2


Reseller Portal

Monthly Partner Webinar
Learn about upcoming specials. Preview and walk thru the "App of the Month".  Hear what your other friends are doing to grow with our round-table sessions.

Earn Commissions
Earn commissions on eligible products and apps.


Level 3


Reseller Portal

Monthly Partner Webinar

Earn Commissions

Practice Building Sessions
A six month program with bi-weekly sessions that include instruction, direction, worksheets, and accountability. Learn and implement key steps to grow your business.  We are here for you.