Partner program FAQ

  1. What are your hours of operation?

    The Partner Program team is in the office weekdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PT). We are closed weekends & holidays. Contact our office at (619) 416-2761 or email us at

  2. Is there a application or “sign up” fee?

    No. It is 100% free to join. The Partner Program was designed to make ordering QuickBooks products easier for you and your clients. You can also earn commissions on eligible QuickBooks products. We split the residuals 50% with our Partners.

  3. Can I order QuickBooks products from you if I am NOT a Partner?

    Yes. However, you will not receive or be eligible for commissions on the products you purchase.

  4. How can I learn more about commissions and which QuickBooks products are eligible?

    Complete an application to join our Partner Program. If you are approved (after 1-3 business days), we will send you a .pdf with all Partner Program commission information and your Partner contract.

  5. How can I meet to talk to someone about the Partner Program?

    Follow the link HERE to schedule a free consultation appointment. You are also welcome to email us at or call our office at (619) 416-2761 during our hours of operation (see above).

  6. How do I place an order?

    Easy! Once your Partner Program application is approved and your Partner contract is signed, you can just fill out any order form on our website. Make sure the order form is filled out accurately. This ensures the order processes without error & you receive the correct commission owed.

  7. How long does it take my order to process?

    From the time the order is received & payment is submitted, please allow at least 24 hours for Intuit to process your order. We will send you a follow up email when the order is being processed. If you need an order expedited, contact us via email at during business hours.

  8. How do I submit payment information?

    Once your order is received, expect an email to securely collect payment information. We accept ACH/eCheck or Credit Card.

  9. How can I track my progress and commissions earned?

    We send reports out quarterly to all members of the Partner Program starting March 31st, 2019. Each Partner’s report will contain information on each order placed that quarter and how many commissions have been earned.